Close | Quarters (New Wave of Jazz) Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor 

Landscapes (FMR) Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Benedict Taylor Ashley John Long 

Rend (Roam Releases) Benedict Taylor Solo Violin

Puncture Cycle (New Wave of Jazz) Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries 

Texture Point (New Wave of Jazz) Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries, Benedict Taylor 

Solstice (Nachstuck Records) Benedict Taylor Solo Viola

The Hungry - Film Soundtrack 

Four Quartets (Confront Records) Keith Tippett, Tom Jackson, Ahsley John Long & Benedict Taylor

Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms (Squib Box) Benedict Taylor & Tom Jackson 

Hidden Bomba (Linear Obsessional) Benedict Taylor & Chris Cundy 

Caged Guerrillas (Subverten) Benedict Taylor Viola & distorted viola

A Purposeless Play (Subverten) Benedict Taylor Solo Viola

Making Rooms: Mopomoso Tour (Weekertoft) Evan Parker, John Russell, John Edwards / Kay Grant & Alex Ward / Pat Thomas / Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor & David Leahy

Pugilism (Subverten) Benedict Taylor Solo Viola

Snouts (Sardine Butty) Alexandertwatz (Taylor & Crowe)

YOU - Composition

Fireworks - Composition

Gubbins  - (CRAM) Benedict Taylor & Adam de la Cour

Burn Before Listening (Squib Box) Benny Court & Benny Taylor 

Locked in (Sardine Butty) Alexandertwatz (Taylor & Crowe)

The Djinns of Eidgah - Composition 

Alexandertwatz in Berlin (Sardine Butty) Benedict Taylor & Stephen Crowe

Stow | Phasing (Raw Tonk) Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin

Transit Check (CRAM) – Benedict Taylor, Solo Viola

Alluere (Subverten) Benedict Taylor, Solo Viola

Striations (Subverten) – Benedict Taylor, Solo Viola

Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms (Squib Box) – Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor

Dark Voices (CRAM) – Lawrence Upton & Benedict Taylor

Guests on Tape – Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor

Une Nuit De Bruit (Sombre Soniks) – Benedict Taylor, Anton Mobin, Adio Lawal-West, Andrew Page, P23,Tim Drage

Compost (CRAM) – Daniel Thompson, Alex Ward, Benedict Taylor

The Long Half Day (Slightly Off Kilter) – Carousel Collective & Thomas Mindhous

Last Wayne Days (Squib Box) – Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan & Arco

Lio, Leo, Leon (Emanem) – London Improvisers Orchestra

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