Monday, 25 September 2017

Super album launch at Linear Obsessional with the great Chris Cundy

We had a wonderful time at Linear Obsessional launching our new duo album Hidden Bomba (Cundy & Taylor) and enjoying a choice afternoon of music and spoken word!

Watch this space for Hidden Bomba tour dates in the winter and spring of 2018.....

Check out the album here:

Here's a few snaps from the launch:

Benedict Taylor 

Benedict Taylor & Chris Cundy  

Chris Cundy  

Benedict Taylor 

Richard Sanderson 'The Boss'

SPARC - Touch Symposium: Wonderful time performing my new solo viola work at Touching Sound

I had a super time playing a new solo viola work at Touch Symposium created by Sound Practice And Research @ City. It may be called 'Yet to be named, if ever. Discuss'

A really fascinating weekend of performances and discussions. Thank you for having me along. What a pleasure it was!

Check these guys out, they're doing stuffs...

Benedict Taylor

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Hungry premieres at Toronto International Film Festival

Catch it while you can if you're in Canada right now!

Very exciting to have our film The Hungry premiere at TIFF this year. It was great composing the music for this fascinating film.

Looking forward to welcoming it to London Film Festival soon...

Another look at the trailer here:

Benedict Taylor Music 

Friday, 8 September 2017

AMAZING continuing collaboration with Anton Mobin!

Just back from France after an ACE time working with my good friend and super-creative-causer-of-beautiful-musical-trouble Anton Mobin.

A wonderful concert at Lutherie Urbaine in Paris, followed by some excellent days in Orleans recording material for our new duo album. 

Three years ago we released Stow | Phasing on Raw Tonk Records, now we have a very exciting new work to put out. 


Many thanks to Anton, all the new friends at Lutherie Urbaine, and of course very kind friends Bertrand, Soumalay & Ayato for the great hospitality and lots of fun!  

A few snaps: 

Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor
Benedict Taylor

Anton Mobin

Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor 

Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin

Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin
Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor

Benedict Taylor 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Album release - Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms - Jackson & Taylor Duo


Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms by Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor is released on Squib Box!!!

This is the second duo album by longstanding duo Jackson & Taylor, and it is very exciting that they launch this new record with the same label as they did with their first (Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms) back in 2014.

A huge thanks to all involved in making this happen. Big up the label boys Neil Luck, Federico Reuben & Adam de la Cour.

Here's the stuffs:

Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms - album

Squib Box