Saturday, 3 June 2017

Caged Guerrillas - album & score launched

Caged Guerrillas is a studio album for viola & distorted viola. It is based on my composed score of the same name by which is the 2nd work in the series 'Guerrillas'. 

The album is released as a series of limited edition discs. Each album printing has a different selection of the recordings of the score. No run of discs is ever the same. 

The performance is based on many cut up elements of the score used as 'flashcards'. Some are long, some are short. There are 35 in total. A disc run will have varying amounts of the works selected at random. 

The works are both natural and distorted, imposing limitations and thus caging the music production of the artist by means of both sonic treatment and the utilising of a composed score. But, the score is interpretive and the distorting of sound a choice, so the artist is both caged and uncaged by these all these processes. Contradictions are fun. Get the online album here: 


A taste of the score:

released June 3, 2017 

Benedict Taylor - solo viola & distorted viola 

Score - Benedict Taylor 

Album artwork - collaged cut up of the original score by Benedict Taylor

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