Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maunraag (Monologue) - Original Soundtrack iTunes release

In 2013, I wrote and created a soundtrack for the fascinating art-film Maunraag (Monologue) by Vaibhav Abnave. It is an artistic, experimental, intelligent, super film, and was a joy to work on.

It's exciting to have the first iTunes release for one of my soundtracks finally up. The album is available here:

The soundtrack is one continuous composition based primarily on one sound source, then broken down into tracks and segments for the film and the album. It involves elements of electro-acoustic composition, Musique Concrete, sampling & field recording, recorded performance of conventional instruments, found objects & created/invented instruments.

Super review just in for 'Stow | Phasing' (Raw Tonk Records)

Lovely review just came through for Stow | Phasing - Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor (Raw Tonk Records)

Check the original French article here:

Do use an online translation option to have a look in English.