Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Two art/indie films off to Toronto Film Festival 2012. Music: Benedict Taylor & Naren Chandavarkar


Friday, 27 July 2012

Harud (Dir. Aamir Bashir 2010/11. music: Naren Chandavarkar, Suhaas Ahuja, Benedict Taylor) - MUST SEE

Aamir Bashir's directorial debut Harud, a film Benedict Taylor Suhaas Ahuja and I composed a piece of music for, is a truly independent and important film that needs your support! It releases tomorrow under PVR Directors Rare in Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi and Kolkata. Please do try and catch it on the opening weekend and help it stay in theatres and help films like this find an audience beyond festivals outside our country.. indie cinema is in your hands!

See this film!

Support this kind and quality of filmmaking, but also see this film to pay attention to the very important and serious issues surrounding Kashmir which the film addresses.


Great music making took place this July at the National Centre for Performing arts, Mumbai. Performances included works by Takemitsu, Milhaud, Debussy, Villa-Lobos, Bach, Vivaldi collaborating with Karl Lutchmayer, Paul Stewart, Jonathan Truscott, Patricia Rosario, Mark Troop, Parvesh Java, Jen Son, Shirish Malhotra, Elvina Fernandes and many more. This all happens in tandem with Con Brio piano Piano Competition.  

Hats off to Parvesh Java and Anthony Gomes (Furtados Music India) for getting this mammoth event off the ground for the third year in a row. 

French Connection!

Recent reviews from London performances, and leading ahead to an exciting French tour this Autumn

As I already wrote, I saw only one time Benedict Taylor playing live in London and it was a crazy night, for sure the most impressive viola player I've ever seen! Honoured to welcome him in Paris for a first tour, in October...
He/We will play at Plateforme ParisTrashvortex and Epsilonia/Radio Libertaire