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Benedict Taylor is an award winning violist & composer specialising in contemporary music and improvisation. He studied at the Royal Northern College of Music & Goldsmiths College, and is a leading figure within the area of contemporary string performance, at the forefront of the British & European new and improvised music scene. He performs, records and composes internationally as a soloist and ensemble performer, in the world's leading venues and festivals, alongside working extensively as a composer within the area of contemporary dance, theatre and film. Through his work he is involved with a number of higher education institutions, giving lectures & seminars at the Royal College of Music and Goldsmiths, amongst others. He is the founder and artistic director of CRAM, a music collective and independent record label dedicated to new and improvised music.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Catching up.... My latest solo work - Alluere - published on Subverten is out now

Check out the latest in an ongoing series of solo viola works.

Alluere - a theme and variations for solo viola is published on Subverten.

Stream or download a copy at will from this site:


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Review in from DMG in New York, for solo viola record Transit Check

Lovely review from Downtown Music Gallery NYC.

....Benedict has a unique sound as he twists notes on his viola in all sorts of bent ways. It sounds as if he is playing through an amp without any effects. There is a tradition of free/jazz violin from Michael Sampson (who played with Albert Ayler), to Ornette Coleman to Leroy Jenkins and Billy Bang. Taylor sounds like he is drawing from that tradition while doing things his own way. He pushes hard and plays intensely with passion and finesse. His music is concentrated, consistently fascinating and at times extreme yet focused. I thought that an entire disc of solo viola might not have enough going on, but I was wrong about that. This disc is an incredibly powerful effort and remains both enchanting and unsettling throughout. 

I'm full: 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First reviews for solo album - Transit Check by Benedict Taylor (CRAM 2013)

First reviews are in for the solo album - Transit Check by Benedict Taylor (CRAM Records 2013).

Excellent feedback so far, now bring some excellent reviews:


Hopefully more to follow...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ship of Theseus wins awards and starts bringing in amazing reviews at many film festivals. Music Benedict Taylor & Naren Chandavarkar

From Next Projection

"Ship of Theseus is an unquestionably cinematic work. With cinematographer Pankaj Kumar and composers Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor, Gandhi counterbalances his rich dialogue scenes with sequences of the most astonishing beauty, jaw-dropping tableaus of his characters in simple transit across the magisterial beauty of the world."

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mopomoso on tour - April 2013

Very exciting tour planned from Mopomoso in April 2013

A brilliant line-up is booked to travel the UK to mark 21 years of the best in UK free improvisation:

John Russell
Evan Parker
John Edwards
Pat Thomas
Keith Tippet
Alison Blunt
Benedict Taylor
David Leahy
Kay Grant
Alex Ward



Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Barbican to mark Critics’ Circle 100th year.

Very excited to announce that the Critic's Circle will celebrate 100 years with members introducing and screening films "that changed their life".

Proud to say that Ship of Theseus sits alongside Raging Bull, Annie Hall, 400 Blows, Battle of Algiers, Hamlet amongst others. Music composed by Naren Chandavarkar & Benedict Taylor.


Burning Wood Feat. Renee Baker and Veryan Weston - Live at the Vortex - 21st March

The ensemble head to the great Vortex where they will play as an ensemble, Baker will perform as a soloist and the group will be joined by the fabulous Veryan Weston.